Stock valves in a four stroke engine exhibit high drag due to a laminar boundary layer based on the valves shape and position in an engines port. Williams Motowerx's patent pending design incorporates dimples on the back cut side of the valves.

These dimples create a turbulent boundary layer that actually speeds up the flow by adding energy to it via eddy currents. This translates into a 1-2 horsepower gain in most engines. The performance increase is every bit as good as adding an exhaust and more!

The second beneficial property is the atomization of the fuel charge. The higher velocity over the dimples breaks up the fuel in the mixture to a fine, easier to combust particles. Efficiency is the key to horsepower, Williams Motowerx provides that!

Noise is our sports enemy right now. Dimples over the exhaust valve help break up the sound pulses to lower the decibel level by as much as .5. Every little bit in the reduction of noise benefits everyone.

Each valve incorporates high quality titanium construction with a durable coating to prevent clearance issues. Williams Motowerx's patent pending valves start at $99.95 per valve, cheaper than most aftermarket valves. Call 414-467-6199 and order yours today!